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The latest product in our range is the Lecture recording and streaming system. it is a new and exciting addition to our product range, being only recently introduced into New Zealand. Many countries around the world especially America and Canada have been utilizing this system for some time, and it is adding great benefits to their clients.

It is predominately used by Universities to firstly record lectures so they can be uploaded to their web server and enable long distance learning or for students to review information from lectures at later dates.
It is also used to stream lectures or meetings/speakers live from its original place to other lecture theatres or halls so it can reach a greater audience.

These products and solutions have been successfully applied in more than 60 countries in education and medical simulation market.

Existing corporate customers include Singapore Health Academy, University of Western Australia and The Open University of Hong Kong. While we also have access to a sales and technical support network in US, Australia and west Europe and Singapore.


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Advanced AV was established by an elite team of professionals with the capability to source hardware and build intelligent software, which can enable and deliver solutions to meet the needs of an everchanging environment. We aim to be leaders in innovation and education industry technology sector. As a company we would like to acknowledge The University of Auckland as being a key and integral partner in this space. They have allowed us the opportunity to take on both difficult and complex challenges, and we have shown the ability to excel in solution delivery. We have built a remarkable reputation of being education industry technology specialists in a very short span of time.lecture recording streaming devices lecture recording streaming devices lecture recording streaming devices lecture recording streaming devices

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